Let’s Catch Up, Shall We?

Oh, friends and dearhearts! So much has been happening the last 6 months! My blog isn’t the only thing that has been neglected – my house has too and it’s time for some Fall Cleaning as opposed to Spring Cleaning and it’s a wonder I’ve been able to harvest anything out of my pitiful garden. I’ll just touch on some of the highlights.

Just as my garden that I mentioned in my last post was starting to sprout, a Bradford Pear tree decided that after 25 years, it had had enough. And just WHERE do you suppose it decided to rest it’s weary head? You guessed it – right across my garden! ~sigh~ It’s ok though. I’ll try for those same goodies again. They were sprouting! They were growing! It was working!

After having surgery to unblock her 95% blocked carotid artery, my mom had a stroke. It wasn’t too terribly bad and she is on the mend. Convincing her that she does NOT know more than her doctors and trying to get her to follow their orders so she stays on the mend is another story all together. In the midst of this, both (yes, I wrote BOTH) our trucks have ceased to be running. They’re not a total loss, but they have exceeded my dear sweet husbands mechanical knowledge. Bless his heart, he exhausted several hours and gallons of blood, sweat and tears before finally admitting defeat. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal if my job was still on the bus line, but my office is 25 miles away. A lot of my time has been coordinating a ride to and from. Thank God for my 23 year old son, his fiancee, and my aunts! A car payment is absolutely not in the budget currently, but the parts to fix the old clunkers are. We do have a mechanic friend who is going to help out. We’re confident that he can get at least one of them fixed. Once he has the time. Guess he’s got a life or something with working full time and 2 kids and a wife that works on the weekends. ~sarcasm~ Lol!

My husband found a full time steady job, but after just about 4 months of employment, his position (and a few others) was eliminated. I suppose it was for the best. Seemed to be a great deal of mis-management going on. Most days he came home so wound up and frustrated, we were really asking ourselves if the money was worth it. I guess God answered that question for us. I have to say that there was actually a sense of relief when he told me. Mental and physical health are far more valuable than any amount of money you’re making. We’ve “been there, done that” with the stressful, demanding careers, and paid the price emotionally and physically. A job is supposed to be employment, not a soul sucking life draining heart attack waiting to happen. We’re too old for that crap! Doesn’t fit in with the simplistic lifestyle we’ve adopted. So, we’re back to tying knots in our shoestring budget to try and stretch it just a wee bit farther each month. I’m confident that something else will come along. My mom always tells me “God doesn’t close one door without opening another.” We’ll just have to have faith!

The summer garden has done quite well! We’ve been covered up in tomatoes! Yum! Tomato sandwiches, sliced tomatoes with every meal, giving them to family members, friends and neighbors and canning, canning, canning. I actually got eggplant to grow this year! Yay me! And there have been lima beans and green beans. I’ve never grown lima beans, so I’m quite pleased with how well they’ve done and how easy they are. Gives me confidence to grow several more varieties of beans next year.

Our 19 year old youngest son has enlisted in the United States Navy. Due to the job he wanted, he is on the Delayed Entry Program and will leave for basic on March 10, 2015. He’ll graduate 8 weeks later, and then head to Pensacola, Florida to begin his schooling. His career will be as an Air Traffic Controller, spending time on land and on an aircraft carrier. It is a mandatory 5 year service time, most of which will be overseas. He is super excited and proud of himself. We’re pretty darn proud of him too! Right now he has monthly meetings to attend and has to check in every week with his Petty Officer to let them know that he’s still going, he’s not been in trouble with the law, his marital status has not changed and he has no children on the way. He found out at this past weeks meeting that after graduation, he will have 2 hours to spend with us before boarding the plane for Pensacola. So, we’ve been busy spending every.single.minute that we can with him.

Now, please allow me to speak mommy to you. My babyest one will leave in 7 months. I will not see him AT ALL for 8 weeks. I’ll then board a plane headed for Chicago to see him graduate. Did I mention that I’ve never even been INSIDE an airport in my whole life? I’ll get on that plane though. (I honestly wouldn’t care if I had to stow away on a chicken truck to get there. I will be there.) If I can keep the pride I’ll be feeling from making my heart explode out of my chest, I don’t drown in my own snot and my eyes don’t swell shut from all the crying, I’ll have 2 hours to spend with him. 2. That’s 120 minutes. That’s dinner. Then I’ll say good-bye to him and we won’t see him until whenever. People tell me “oh, he’ll get leave and come home to visit”, or “just pretend he’s away at college!”. Obviously, they don’t feel me. ~sniffle~

There’s been a bazillion other little frustrations and tragedies going on that seem to blind side me from time to time, but I won’t bore you with them. We’ve had to be on our toes, trying to stay ahead of the next upheavel. I’m working hard on keeping a positive attitude and being grateful for the multitude of blessings bestowed on us. I figure any day that the good Lord sees fit to let me open my eyes means there’s still some fighting left to do and life to be lived.

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