It’s working! It’s working!

I’m so incredibly EXCITED!

It appears one of my garden experiments is working!

I mentioned how I was trying to rejuvenate my dead soil. Since it got to be around 50 degrees and sunny today, I decided to get outside and soak up some much needed Vitamin D. Earlier this week, we had 2 days worth of snow and freezing temps. This made me very happy! I would periodically look out the window and chant “Die larvae! Die!”, imagining my garden flourishing in abundance without squash bugs, cucumber beetles, and grubs. (A girl can dream, right?)

I decided to get my hands dirty and do some manual labor out there. Best exercise in the world! Turned the compost pile and added another layer or two. Then grabbed my trowel for a look-see at what might be going on in the garden plot. Part of it was still frozen solid. I did find a D-E-A-D grub in another area (yay!), and then I moved to the experiment area. I figured since it gets the most sun during the day, it was probably thawed and I could get a good indication of what was going on.

This is what I started a few months ago. I tossed out a couple buckets of kitchen scraps. Just normal compost items – egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, veggie scraps – then covered with a thick layer of leaves. On top of that, I laid some cardboard, then weighted it down to keep it from blowing away with some scrap wood.


When I moved the wood and cardboard, the leaves were nice and moist and warm, Moving them aside and digging into the soil, just LOOK what I found! šŸ™‚

ImageWorms! There’s worms in there!


They’re not too lively due to the colder temperatures, but they’re THERE! And in all sizes too! Big fat juicy daddy worms and teeny little baby worms all wriggling around in happy family unison!


I cannot WAIT to see how it progresses in the next couple of months as the temps continue to warm up!

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