Thrift Store Treasures

Thought I’d share a few of the priceless treasures I’ve found over the last couple of weeks!


THIS little beauty is an exceptional treasure! Now, for a couple of years, I scoured every thrift store in town looking for a stove top coffee percolator. I could find tons of electric ones, but I really wanted a stove top model. When I did find one for the stove top, it was either missing the basket pieces, or was in such poor shape on the bottom or pot interior, that it wasn’t usable. We finally broke down and bought a new one from Bass Pro Shop. We love it and have taken it on our camping trips for making coffee over the campfire. BUT, a couple of weeks ago, I saw this. ~slight gasp~ It’s Blue Coneflower Corningware (a weakness of mine) and it’s a stove top percolator! Anxiously, I removed the top. ~more gasp~ All the basket pieces are here! I removed the basket pieces to check out the interior ~GASP~ It looks GREAT! I turned it over to check out the bottom, and it too was in great shape! And it was only $5.95! Now, that is a bit more than I usually spend on any one item at the thrift store, (I have very strict rules for thrifting), but this just seemed too good of a deal to pass up! I just carried it around with me, and when I met up with my husband and showed it to him, he said “We’re getting it!” Is it any wonder why I love this man?! So, I’ve put the plain stainless steel camping percolator in storage with the camping gear and now we use this beautiful little pot everyday! 🙂


???????????????????????????????I found this little canning rack tucked at the back of a shelf of kitchen items. This will come in pretty handy this spring and summer when I’m canning. Now I’ll be able to have the water bath canner and a regular pot going at the same time! And for $1.51, why would I even try to resist? This adorable little metal pot is perfect for warming up a single serving of something on the stove, boiling eggs, and such and it will be great to take camping with us.  And it had the lid! That’s a rare find! $1.81 you say? I say, welcome to my home!


These blankets were a steal for $4.54 each! They’re the perfect size to cozy up with when curling up to read a book, or if I just need my tootsies covered while I crochet. They’re heavy, yet soft and pliable. Furthermore, they’re cat approved, for “kneading” and piling up for a good afternoon nap.

Of course, no trip to the thrift store would be complete without snagging some craft supplies. I found ALL these fabrics for less than $10.00! Can you believe it?!


I believe these are some type of upholstery fabric. They’re very thick and heavy. I’m thinking maybe some chair cushions, or maybe even some tote bags.


I had to have these just because they’re so pretty! Perhaps and apron, or a skirt for Spring. Maybe a head scarf or two? The print on the pink fabric is small enough that it might make a beautiful little doll dress.


Of course I caused a bit of a scene when I squealed upon finding THIS fabric! I guess there’s just something disturbing to some people about a 43 year old woman dancing in place, squealing “It’s chickens! Look! It’s chickens!”  It’s adorable and I could not think of a more perfect fabric for ME of all people to dig out of the bin. My thought for these is a set of cafe curtains for the homestead cabin, if there’s  enough fabric. If not, a good friend of mine had the suggestion of bordering with a coordinating fabric to make it big enough. Ingenious!

Just LOOK at all these goodies! For less than $20! Everything functional, practical, and useful. I love it!

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