Let us not forget to breathe…

This article came across my Facebook page today, and I thought I would share it.

I love coming across things like this. Seems I’m always having to be reminded to be patient, and that progress is progress, no matter how small. I just get so caught up with all the ideas rolling around in my head and my vision for the complete picture, that sometimes I drive everyone crazy!

I have several notebooks stashed all about the house that I record all sorts of things in. I have countless drawings of garden plans, chicken coops, pasture areas, house plans, kitchen designs – even a clothesline pulley system! I just can’t turn my brain off once I get going most times. I’ve also collected canning recipes, canning hints, wood stove cooking tips, outdoor cooking tips, food storage tips – anything I can get my hands on! If it’s new to me, or something I want to try, I jot it down and do my best to implement it. I find articles in magazines, or things I print from the internet, and put them in page protectors and organize them in 3 ring binders. Gardening notes, favorite varieties of seeds, where items were purchased and for how much.

Now…what I really need to work on, is keeping up better with where I put things. Seems I’m always asking “Where did I put that?” I’m thinking I need to either consolidate everything into one huge binder with dividers and keep it one designated place. Or, I need to categorize everything into smaller binders and keep them in the place where they make the most sense (i.e. cooking binder in the kitchen, gardening binder with the seeds, laundry hints in the laundry room, etc.)  I’m thinking I can keep scratch pads in my pockets and purse, and once a week or so purge those scratches into the appropriate place. And I would need to designate a place where all my scratch lists go so I’m not walking around with pockets full of little pieces of paper!

So, that’s one of my “resolutions” – really it’s a goal – to get more organized. Disorganization causes undo stress and who needs that? It will go hand in hand with purging too, and that needs to be done every so often. What better way to find out what you really don’t need than to organize what you really DO need. This will also help me start some good habits for the future farm, when  I’ll have to be much more spontaneous and ready for anything that may throw a monkey wrench in my plans for the day. 🙂

Planning and patience….and breathing. Musn’t forget to breathe once in a while.

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