Rain, rain PLEASE go away…

It has rained for two days now!

And I’m not talking about “scattered showers” or “occasional drizzle” or “rain this morning clearing off in the afternoon”. NO! It has rained continuously and the forecast says it will be here until Tuesday! Ugh! There are already flash flood warnings in effect for today through tomorrow evening. They’re calling for 4 inches of rain or more! To add to the frustration of the rain, we’re already behind with plantings due to a Spring cold snap. Now, we’ll have to wait for the soil to dry out enough to be worked or our seeds will just rot from too much moisture.

Everything is absolutely saturated and begging for mercy. Just look at my poor Bachelors Buttons!

ImageThey’re so waterlogged they simply can’t stand up! The Cosmos, Yarrow and Coneflowers look pretty much the same. The poor things are just laying on the ground, admitting defeat to the enormous amount of water that has been unloaded onto their leaves and stems.


There are puddles everywhere!


I’m not sure what vegetable this is. I’m sure it’s something that I planted last year that didn’t take off, but I can’t remember what. Possibly a pepper? Maybe an eggplant? It pipped through the ground and has been growing mightily. I’m excited to see what it turns out to be! It was laid on the ground outside of the box from all the rain. I grabbed some branches and made a quick makeshift cage for it.


ImageThe past two weekends, we’ve went to the local landscape supply yard and purchased a full 2 cubic yards of specially formulated “plant mix” (that’s what they call it). It is a special blend of compost, topsoil, peat, etc., put together by the local extension agency for this area. That’s 4 little pickup truck loads, several bucket loads (must remember to ask Santa for a wheelbarrow) and a whole lotta shoveling. Not to mention all the time I spent hoeing it into cute little rows. And this (~sniffle~) is what it looks like!

ImageWe covered the chicken tractors best we could to try and help. Given the amount of rainfall, the tarps are helping quite a bit, but the poor chickens are still soaked. 

ImageHenny, Penny and Molly have spent most of the day inside their little house, running out just to grab a quick bite and drink. The Kardachickens have been outside ALL DAY raising a ruckus. (Like it’s my fault!) I did feel bad enough for them though, that I climbed into the pen and listened to their griping for a bit, petting them and drying them off best I could with my soaked jacket sleeve. They’re still pretty ticked though.

The rain has prevented us from visiting the Homestead property for 2 weekends in a row! I’m quite miffed myself! I am very hopeful that the coming weekend will be much better weather so we can at least begin (if not complete) our sleeping shelter. We won’t mind being in the rain if there’s at least some place to get dry. We’ve done the “camping in the pouring rain with nothing but a tent”  a few times in our life. Kind of loses its romance when you pass 40 though. Lol!

As irritating as it is, I’m trying to find the good side of all this rain. We are going to the Homestead property this coming weekend – rain or shine – to at least walk around check out some spots for ideas we’ve had. This much rain should give us a chance to get a good feel for where the low spots are, areas of erosion that we might need to address and to see how the creek flows when it’s up.

There are bright sides at the suburban homestead as well, in spite of all the rain. The peas, carrots, radishes and green beans are coming along nicely.

ImageIt appears I might have a few strawberries this year! These did not do well last year at all.

ImageI do have to remember that nature is nature, and sometimes seems like it is working against us. I have to remember too that often times Mama Nature knows best. Who knows – instead of  battling a drought this year, maybe the ground will be deep down saturated enough to get us through the hot dog days of summer and we won’t lose any of our harvest to drought like we did last year. 🙂

I’ll just have to keep banging the dents out of the silver linings and be patient.


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