Fairy tales can come true…

Bless my stars, it has actually, finally, really happened!


ImageThat’s right!

No one pinch me, because I’d rather not wake up right now if I’m dreaming!

It still seems very surreal. I’m almost afraid to completely accept it and let myself get too excited. I mean, a DREAM HAS COME TRUE! I’m just still a bit in shock I think, but I’m getting used to the idea little by little.

We have looked and looked and looked and looked the past few years. We’ve watched prices go up and down and back up again. We’ve seen various areas change, missed out on a deal or two, and have changed our budget I don’t know how many times trying to get ready not to miss another deal when it presented itself. Quite frankly, we were really stressing ourselves out. We had finally decided that when it was meant to happen, it would happen. And everything would be in line at the right time it was meant to be. We just had to be patient and quit fooling with it. “Turn a loosen of it!”

ImageSome friends of ours that we have been on this “journey” with, found several acres of land to purchase for a steal! I kept telling them “How on earth can I be so jealous and so happy for you all at the same time?!” Well, 2 weekends ago, we went to visit the property with them. I really got jealous then! They’ve purchased a lovely forest! We got back to their campsite and the husbands were talking and I kind of thought friend husband said something to my husband about purchasing some of the land. But, I thought, surely I wasn’t hearing right. Must have been caught up in the magical forest moment. Then, friend wife turns to me, looks me dead in the eye and says, “We’re serious.” I about fell out of the chair I was sitting in. After working out the details, accepting their offer, the husbands shaking hands and lots of gleeful squealing by us women folk, we set off to see our piece of land.

ImageWe have 8 acres, with a creek, with beautiful old, huge hardwood trees. I’ve set about identifying all the native plants that are growing there. I’m learning so much about the soil condition and moisture condition this way! I simply cannot wait to see it all come to life during the Spring and Summer!

The previous owner had plans of selling off timber from the land, we think. Whatever his motivation, he set about chopping down these big, beautiful trees in what seems like a panic. Some of them are very sad to see laying there. But, don’t you worry forest. There are 4 people heading your way who respect you and are humbled by your greatness. Our goal is not to cut down anything that isn’t diseased, dead or dying. There’s plenty of space to choose a proper place to put a dwelling without destroying anymore of the forest. I’m sure as we start clearing the trees that are already down, the areas will “speak” to us and make the decision for us.

ImageI just can’t fully express how deeply humbled I am by the land, nor how deeply humbled and touched I am by the graciousness and thoughtfulness of our friends. We’ve all be talking, planning, dreaming about that ONE DAY when we’re able to do THIS! We feel like little kids that are being turned loose outside to play after it’s rained for weeks straight. All this pent up excitement and energy and ideas and building we’ve been wanting to do, we finally CAN! I cannot WAIT to start planting my perennials! Comfrey, Columbine, Bee Balm, Lemon Balm, bulbs and flowering shrubs! All the things that need some time to become well established. Our bees are going to be so happy!

The property is only a couple hours drive away. We’ve dreamt about finding something close like this that could be our “weekend getaway”, so we could begin working the land, getting to know the land, and preparing it for our arrival when we’re ready to live there full time.

Our first goal is to select an area for our sleeping shelter. We’ll begin by pitching our tent and camping, but will ultimately build a tiny little sleeping cabin. Just big enough for a bed, but more of a “permanent temporary” shelter. After that, we’ll spend time walking, listening and looking. Introduce ourselves to the land and the animals that may inhabit it. I have a very special speech to share with them when we go this weekend, letting them know that I mean no harm, and expect them to extend the same courtesy, if you please.

There will be goats! Squeal! And there will be so many chickens! Squeal! And roosters! Squeal! And there will be friends! Squeal! There’s a perfect area for an orchard! Squeal! And room for an abundant garden to grow just about anything! Squeal!

The four of us are going to make an awesome team! Helping each other build and work the land. Together, we’ll craft, cook, sew, and sell to establish quite the beautiful livelihood. I mean, it takes a special friend to get excited about an idea for a “road kill” bucket for chicken treats, or an udder wash and fly spray you can make yourself, or the many, many uses for poo. You can’t carry on a conversation about those things with just anybody. Really gotta have someone that’s in the same mindset.

I know it will be hard. I know we will face challenges that we never dreamed of. But, I also know that I (we) want it to be successful with all our hearts. We’re planning on buggin’ out by buggin’ in. We’ve all been working toward the goal of living on less, ridding ourselves of debt, making do or doing without, recycling, repurposing, reusing, etc. etc. to get to the point of disappearing into the woods. We’ve been stockpiling and saving, so we need very little monetary means to live on. I will be perfectly happy when the time comes to work part time at the local cafe, or daycare, or whatever is available. All we will need is a steady stream of money since we can’t completely escape needing money. We just need enough for monthly provisions (which will be very few), property taxes and a little extra. That’s it.

I will be so excited to take some better pictures and share our adventures as we prepare our honest to goodness homestead! As always, suggestions, hints and advice are ALWAYS welcome! πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Fairy tales can come true…

  1. Congratulations! I look forward to reading about your adventures. Our homestead is in the middle of the woods and it is wonderful. We have been here 18 months and really lucked out in finding it.

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