I have something to share…

“There are so many ways to save money that once you get into the frugal mindset the sky is truly the limit.”

Book Cover Image

…and that is just ONE of the many fantastic pieces of advice to be had in this little book!

For those looking to become more frugal and find ways to make the most of every single dollar, this book is chock full of practical, common sense pointers to use as a good starting point. It’s eloquently written and was an absolute joy to read. I could almost imagine sitting down with Britni over a cup of coffee, exchanging ideas and listening to her advice. It offers a useful, basic plan to start squeezing those pennies and stretching those dollars. I’m so excited for her becoming a published author!

Usually when folks ask me how to get started with gardening, or how do we live on as little as we live on, or what brought us to this point in our lives, I give them a general overview and then whip out my “recommended reading list”, and toss out a few blogs and Facebook pages for them to research and follow. I’ve been recommending her Facebook page, Our Eventual Homestead, and now I’ll be thrilled to say “Oh, and the admin of the page has also written a book.” 🙂 Also, check out her blog – it’s good read too! http://oureventualhomestead.com/

This book truly would make a great gift (not to sound like an infommercial – Lol!) for a newly married couple, or if you know someone who is struggling to “make ends meet” or looking to simplify their lives and gain control over their spending and finances. She’s been there and writes this book from personal experience and self discipline, explaining how she’s applied her advice to her life. We’ve all been there. We’ve all felt overwhelmed at how we got ourselves where we were and not really knowing the first step to take to get back in control, and make sure we don’t end up back where we were. That’s one of the endearing qualities about this book – you can relate to it and think “That’s a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that?!” and then you’re on your way!

And here’s something else – the book will be FREE (love, love, LOVE that word!) from Amazon March 4th-6th on Amazon! Just click here: Grow It! Build It! Save It!

I hope you’ll take advantage of this offer and that you’ll find this book as helpful and as enjoyable as I did!


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