Growing potatoes is one of those things that we’ve said we “would like to try to grow…one day”.

Well, one day is here dearhearts! It’s as though the vegetable gardening spirits are talking to me themselves. I’ve gotten not one, but TWO ways to grow potatoes this past week and both seem very manageable. Not intimidating at all! We will certainly be incorporating these into our plans this year!

First, from http://farmgirlschool.wordpress.com/2013/02/27/growing-potatoes-in-an-odd-fashion/, this nifty idea! I’ve got at least 3 of these big plastic cans around not being used for anything in particular. I knew I’d need them one day! (Oh, the dangers of justifying my hoarding! Now I’m really NEVER gonna throw ANYTHING away!)

And then, just 2 days later, this little gem! http://averagepersongardening.com/howto/HowtoGrow100PoundsofPotatoes.html#.US_3-RyYP0o. My husband seems to like this method better. It must be the detailed building schematic. Lol!

Anyhoo, we’ve decided to try BOTH and see which works best for us. These are both absolutely fabulous ideas given the limited growing space we have to work with. Our backyard is really filling up! 🙂

One of our goals this year to be a lot smarter with what we grow this season to maximize our winter food storage for next year. I’m getting so excited thinking of all the possibilities! Now that we’re adding potatoes. I’ll be able to can them, and add them to stews and soups to can. We’re also going to experiment with some type of “root cellar” storage. We won’t be able to dig a root cellar, but we have run across some nifty alternatives.  (I’ll compile those together and share in a future post.) And a food dehydrator is DEFINITELY on the “NEED” list. I’m keeping my eye out for a used one, but saving up for a new one, just in case.

I now feel like we’re really making some progress! The more we can do/make/grow/produce for ourselves is what it’s really all about! As always, any helpful hints/tips/recipes are always welcome!


One thought on “Po-ta-toes…

  1. I think I might try this as well. I tried last year to grow potatoes in a big black garbage bag — something hubby saw on youtube. It didn’t work very well. I think we had drainage issues. But if this will work, that would be great. I am out of garden room as well.

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