A junkin’ we will go, a junkin’ we will go…

There was much Homestead Abundance found at the thrift store this past weekend!

For starters, I found this amazing retractable clothesline for $4.54!


Now, I’ll have 2 clotheslines in my backyard! Laundry is going to go much faster now. The clothesline I currently have is in no means a “traditional” clothesline. It’s clothesline rope that’s attached to the corner of my house, strung around a big tree, strung around a hanging swing frame and finally strung around another tree. It’s ain’t pretty, but it works. I’ll attach the retractable one to the hanging swing frame and erect a pole to hang it on. And the fact that it’s portable, makes it an investment, because we can take it with us when we move. It’s going to be so fantastic to be able to move it out of the way given the limited space we have in our backyard! I’ll have to post pics once it’s up with some laundry hanging on it. Whoo-hoo!

My hubby ran across this STAINLESS STEEL bread box for $6.00!


It has enough space to hold 2 loaves of homemade bread in the drop down door part, and a little compartment with a lift up lid on top to store saltines, english muffins, etc. A great find!

I splurged on myself and got (not one, but!) 2 pairs of overalls for $8.00 each! Now I can retire the jeans that I’ve been wearing as my “outdoor” pants. I’m sure the neighbors (and my husband) are very happy about this. You see, last year, they got a tear under the back left pocket. It’s one of those that can’t be patched or mended. So, I’ve been wearing extra long shirts. Of course, a quick trip to the garden center or feed store meant I had to change into an entirely different outfit to go. I figure I’m ok going those places in work clothes – obviously I’m up to something along the lines of work.  I just couldn’t see throwing them out when they’re in good shape everywhere else! I’d only had them for about 8 years – why would I throw them out?! Lol! Now, they can peacefully retire to my scrap fabric bin. They’ll be recycled into a craft project at some point.

My husband also found himself a jacket, and I got another clothes basket (because you can NEVER have enough of those) and I picked up a couple of bargain priced novels. We spent less than $35! In my opinion, we got some awesome frugal finds!


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