A Brand New Year

Here it is 2013! Wow! It seems like 2012 just flew by!

Now is a good time to get planning for the months ahead. Before we know it, it will be Spring. There are seeds to sow, soil to prepare, plots to plan. Instead of coping with rains and freezing temps, we’ll be sweltering in the heat of summer. Right now is a good time to find yourself a cozy corner, break out a notebook, and begin setting your goals for the months to come. I try to divide mine out amongst the different seasons, so I stay a little bit ahead with my preparation.

Here are just a few of my goals for 2013:

  1. Continue to find more ways to be frugal and purposeful with our finances. I’m sure we’re not saving every penny that we could. With an ultimate goal of living on just as little as possible, I feel we have room for improvement in this area.
  2. Plant a few vegetables of foods we’ve never tried. I have bought seeds, I have received seeds as presents, and I joined a Seeds of the Month Club last year. Needless to say, I have a LOT of seeds! The club I joined was very inexpensive, and we’ve received several things that we never would have considered buying when looking through the seed catalogs. There are lots of veggies out there that I didn’t know about, or didn’t think I’d ever use them. Swiss Chard, Kohlrabi and Parsnip are just a few. After doing some research and looking at some recipes, why not? If we don’t like it. I’m sure we can find someone who does. And if we do like it, then, hey, we’ve added yet another food to our diet. It’s a win-win!
  3. I will overcome my fear of the pressure canner. I just started canning this past year, and think I’ve mastered water bath canning. Something about that pressure canner just scares me to death. Perhaps, it’s because a lot of times when I mention pressure canning something, people say “Be careful.” Why say that? What hidden dangers am I unaware of? I imagine blowing the backside of my house off for some reason. But, if I am going to add more to our pantry than Bread and Butter Pickles and Stewed Tomatoes, I’m going to have to suck it up and conquer it. The canning recipes I’ve collected over the last couple of years shall serve as my motivation.
  4. Begin saving seeds. This past year was the first time we’ve planted Heirloom varieties and I didn’t save a SINGLE seed from them! I know! Slap, slap! I think I was so excited at how well they did, my mind was too blown to remember. But I will get serious about it this year.
  5. More chickens! The three pullets that we have should be old enough to begin laying by April or May (hopefully!) We can have up to 5 chickens where we live. I currently have two little baby chicks in my brooder. I rescued one that had a hurt leg at the farm we take care of, and the other one was brought along just to be a rehab buddy. I’m hopeful that this leg will heal, and I’m even more hopeful that they are both hens. Guess I’ll know about the leg in a few days (I really don’t want to think about it), and we’ll know if they’re hens in a few more weeks.
  6. Get my craft business off the ground. I have learned that being your own labor force, website designer and marketing team is a bit of a challenge. Add to that working full time, working part time taking care of a farm, and trying to live a life not relying on modern conveniences, and it just seems like I never really complete a task with my business. It keeps getting pushed lower on the priority list, and that has got to stop. I started working on putting this together about 6 months ago and feel like I have little tiny pieces everywhere, but nothing has come together as of yet. It’s time to quit walking around with all these ideas in my head and just DO it!
  7. Tweek my organization plan. Once I get this fine tuned, Number 6 should be easier to obtain. I had a plan, but fell off of it. It consisted of a certain day of the week being dedicated to cleaning one room and doing a load of wash (whites on Monday, darks on Tuesday, etc.). It also included nightly food preservation when the garden was in high swing. I’m not sure why I abandoned the plan that was working. Something probably came up that threw it off for a week, and I just didn’t start again. Gotta get my mind right with this one. I was much calmer and had a greater sense of accomplishment.
  8. Stop relying on “the back up” conveniences. Once I get Number 7 under control, this one should be easier to obtain. Lol! I’ve allowed myself to take the “lazy” way out and use the clothes dryer, dishwasher and ordering pizza way too much the last few months I feel. Please don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I feel that I have to work like a dog from sun up to sundown and collapse in the bed exhausted each night. But when I’m feeling guilty as I’m loading the clothes dryer, maybe I shouldn’t be doing it. If I had my Number 7 in order, I could have washed those clothes earlier and had them hung on my clothes drying rack and hangers around the house to be dry in a reasonable amount of time. And if my Number 8 and my Number 7 were in check, then that would help my Number 1 by not wasting all that electricity and money with running the clothes dryer.  See? It’s all connected. The purpose of growing all that food isn’t to just put it away – it’s meant to be our reliable food source, to be eaten and enjoyed. I mean, it needs to be “in or out”. Am I walking the walk, or just talking the talk? Am I playing a make believe game? Sometimes I feel like I have a foot in “both worlds” if that makes any bit of sense. I dunno. It’s just bothered me and I am going to change it.

I’ll be working on these 8, plus several more as the year goes on I’m sure. I always keep a notebook with me to jot down ideas, internet links, books I’d like to read, questions to search for answers to – just anything. It helps me to look through it at the end of the week and kind of prioritize things.

If you’re interested in the seed club I joined last year, here is the link. https://averagepersongardening.com/seedsclub/step_2.php I don’t receive any compensation from them. I just found it very handy and inexpensive last year when I was adding to my seed collection.

I wish everyone a very blessed and Happy New Year!


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